Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The World Will Never Know Whether This Child Has a Penis or a Vagina!

The 2039 prom season in the Stocker-Witterick household is gonna get pretty interesting.

In a gutsy move to shake off the chains of gender rigidity, this family has decided not to reveal whether their third child is a boy or a girl. You know — to liberate the baby from stereotypes and all that jazz.

Ah, I get it...so to prevent people from focusing on the child's gender, the parents have eliminated the baby's sex completely from the equation, thus forcing every curious onlooker who gazes upon said child to remain in a perpetual state of wonderment about the kid's genitalia. Thus forcing people to focus on the child's gender.

Well-played, Stocker-Witterick family!

Wanna Keep Your Happy-O-Meter in the Red? Don't Have Kids

My systolic's rising as we speak....

Thank you, Mr. Obvious — or as the intelligentsia refers to him, Harvard psychology professor Daniel Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert has recently perused a bunch of high-falutin' studies and determined that playing with your kids does not rank higher on your List of Content than, say, eating or watching television.

I do believe, however, that my kids' ratings will automatically spike once they reach the commode-cleaning years.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Lordy, We Turned 40....

Our new adventures in middle-aged dementia have resulted in our lengthy absence. But with Mrs. The Anthony Show/Warrior Hauswife finally wrapping up her semester, Inside Voice will be back for the summer -- rapture or no rapture.