Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And If They Get Rickets or Scurvy, Blame Their Teachers

Guess which one is not the fussy eater.

Do you have to force your kids to eat everything on their plates because they're so fussy? Perhaps they're fussy because you force them to eat everything on their plates. Oh, and those attempts to keep your kid thin with a strict diet is actually making him fat.

This is according to conclusions published by the American Dietetic Association (but hey, what the hell do they know?), which (surprise!) found "a correlation between mothers' pressure to eat healthy and children's degree of fussiness over food."

My kids are still pretty skinny, and I was also a skinny kid. I definitely wasn't allowed to leave the table until I was consumed everything on my plate, even if it meant sitting at the table long after everyone left the table, and the food turned into a cold, hard, congealed, lousy-tasting slop.

Back then, at least until I was in third grade, my mom was a stay-at-homer, so she was able to cook real meals every day. These days, with Jenn at night school a few times a week, I’m the guy preparing dinner for the kids. Sometimes, with the proper planning, I do a good job, but other days it’s more like pot luck: “Okayyyy...who wants...hot dogs and...little fruit cups of peaches and/or pears and...wagon-wheel pasta?”

I generally try not to sweat whether they've eaten everything, unless they insult my intelligence by claiming a full stomach by 6:00 and raiding the cabinets for snacks at 6:15. Of course, sometimes I'm the one who's raiding the cabinets myself, and it's getting more difficult to hide a fistful of Oreos at the dinner table!


  1. Sneak vegetables in places they least expect and you both win. I used to put them in meatloaf, smoothies, cookies and soup. They never knew and stayed healthy. Blenders are great for grinding up stuff they think they don't like.

  2. Oh, and that clean your plate thing is part of the reason we have obese people in the world.

    My whole family is skinny and we are still healthy.

    It's a parent's fault if a child is obese. They can only eat what an adult allows. It's much easier to keep the weight off than to lose it later.

  3. The only plate the kids clean are their dessert plates! Thanks for the other great tips, Pamela.

  4. It's really hard when you already gain so much weight, eat balanced diet and exercise.