Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Star Dads Who Look Creepily Like Their Daughters

It really is creepy.

20 Celebrity Kids Who Are Doing Exactly What Their Parent(s) Are Doing Because ... Nepotism?

This is MJ's daughter, Paris, in case you're unaware of the family ties.

We know you're dying to know who these 20 aspiring thespians are.


'Google Generation' of Kids Is Brain-Dead, Says Some Dude

Trevor Baylis offers this assessment, but only after telling us he used to "collect the rubbish" for fun in WWII England. So there's that.

[All About Vision]

Tooth Fairy Disses Kid Because of Messy Bedroom

Perhaps the toothless child should have read this classic.

Cheering and booing (and cheering) at this mom who lectured her kid's cleanliness habits under the guise of the Tooth Fairy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

'The Biggest Loser' Has Kids on It ...

... and we're still sitting on the sofa.

If Dad Has Mental Issues, Kids Might, Too

In other words, there's some association as determined by some study that some toddlers have some emotional and behavioral problems if their father has some mental health problems.

Reality-TV Star Inexplicably Waxes Her 3-Year-Old's Unibrow

This is a very cute child and she's perfect as she is, you derp.

I don't watch the Teen Mom franchise, so I have no idea who this Farrah Abraham person is, or why she feels the need to wax her preschooler's unibrow, but for those who care, you're welcome.


Best and Worst Celebrity Baby Names of 2012, Because Celebrities Won't Stop Having Babies (or Naming Them)

Jay-Z. Blue Ivy. Go!

Let's just call this "Posting One-Liner Night," because I'm too friggin' tired for more than that.

In terms of this list of the best and worst baby names: There's just no getting rid of 2012, is there?


Friday, January 4, 2013

No One's Happier That Kim K's Pregnant Than This Guy

Ready for today's Post of Verklempt? Kim Kardashian's brother, Rob, is gushing about her gestation, calling it "beautiful" and "a blessing."

Wish there was something snarky to say here, but hell -- baby brothers slay me.

[Gossip Jacker]

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pregnant Ladies Who Want to Name Your Kid Kindle, You're Not Alone

You silly celebrities, with your Apples and Shilohs and Suris -- you're so aught-whatever. According to the Belly Ballot website, which predicts such things, the most popular baby names for 2013 will include Kindle, Android, Tweet, and (oh yes) Hashtag.

And to think I was once one of three Jennifers (and one of two Jennifer G's!) in my sixth-grade class.